GPA trophy 2017 Buckhead LCI.jpeg

BUCKHEAD REdeFINED, Buckhead’s master plan update, recently received a Georgia Planning Association (GPA) award for Outstanding Planning Document. The consultant team was led by Kimley-Horn & Associates and included Bleakly Advisory Group, TSW, and Blue Zones.

BUCKHEAD REdeFINED focuses on placemaking and connectivity to enhance the overall quality of life in the greater Buckhead area. Bleakly Advisory Group led the economic, demographic, and real estate market analysis for the important effort. A summary of much of BAG's work in BUCKHEAD REdeFINED can be found in the first chapter of the final report.

According to the nomination for the award:

"BUCKHEAD REdeFINED advances the “typical” LCI plan to include a series of innovative elements. The plan looked beyond traditional land use and transportation elements to focus on Buckhead’s demographic shift and the overwhelming impacts from the fact that those who work in Buckhead can no longer afford to live in Buckhead. This, combined with limited mobility options, forces workers to largely drive alone and is the greatest contributor to the area’s daily vehicular congestion. The plan identifies this jobs-housing imbalance as the community’s most significant challenge and offers a framework for how to address and overcome the obstacle."

 Bleakly Advisory Group's work helped to shape this innovative element, contributing to Kimley-Horn's GPA award for 2017 Outstanding Planning Document