BAG in the News: BAG Delivers Telling Demographic Report to Forsyth County Commission

ForCo Demo_pop by age graphic.png

The Forsyth County News ran an article on BAG's recent demographic analysis of Forsyth County that had some surprising results.

“The real strong takeaway from this is that there is sort of a perfect demographic storm here where there are four key trends that are interacting with each other in a really interesting way,” BAG's Jonathan Gelber told commissioners.

The report found that, due to the particular mix of senior tax exemptions and good school system, the County has a disproportionate generational spread, of which the most populous age cohorts fall into Generation X (35-54 years old) or their children in Generation Z (0-14). Forsyth also has a lack of residents age 15-34 (A.K.A. Millennials), which could be the result of multiple factors including housing costs, a lack of amenities for that age group, or other factors.

If this demographic trend continues and Forsyth County's population continues to shift towards a majority older, tax-exempt population, it could have significant ramifications for the County's revenue.

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