ABC Highlights BAG Gwinnett Place Economic Impact Analysis

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The Atlanta Business Chronicle featured BAG's latest report on the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District (GPCID), which highlighted the immense economic impact of the CID on the county as a whole. "We're only 1 percent of the entire land area of Gwinnett County, but as the main commercial core, our area of influence provides a massive economic impact to the county," says Joe Allen, Executive Director of the CID.

According to Bleakly's analysis, the Gwinnett Place area is a major economic engine for the county and state overall, with a total impact of $9.5 billion per year, with direct output of $4.5 billion per year and an indirect effect of $5 billion per year.

The underlying source of the GPCID’s economic vitality is the density of jobs, businesses, and residences within Gwinnett Place. The number and density of jobs has steadily grown within the district in recent years; Since 2011, the Gwinnett Place area has added 10,000 jobs, and the current total employment impact of direct and indirect jobs in Gwinnett Place is 57,302. There are 1,900 companies that provide Gwinnett Place employees with a total of $1.3 billion in annual net payroll, and the average employee salary is $53,000. The majority of jobs are in retail (24 percent), while 13 percent are in finance/insurance, eight percent are in management and six percent are in technology and science.

“Imagine the economic impact possibilities once redevelopment in this area has truly occurred,” said Allen.

Read the full article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle or the executive summary here.