Walkability Panel at GPA Spring Conference

Yesterday, the Georgia Planning Association held their Spring 2017 conference,  in beautiful, walkable Woodstock, GA.

Jonathan Gelber led an afternoon panel discussion on Walkability, with an all-star panel featuring Ken Bleakly, Terry Morris (President, Morris & Fellows Real Estate Services) and Brantley Day, AICP (Director of Community Development, City of Woodstock).

The panel was based on a 2015 policy paper called "Walkability: The Pathway to Atlanta’s Future Growth" prepared by ULI Atlanta's Livable Communities Coalition, of which Ken was a co-author.

The paper looks at how the idea of walkability has evolved from a progressive ideal to become the today's dominant real estate paradigm, now representing 60% of all new development in the Atlanta Metro Region.

We also crunched the numbers to show who walkable urban places are also proving to be money-makers, generating up to six times the per acre of land value (and property tax revenue) for municipalities (in addition to the public benefits such as public space, quality of life, and public health).

Thanks to our friends at ULI Atlanta and GPA, as well as our panelists , for making this happen.