Wired: "Bad News for Everyone! The 2020 Census Is Already in Trouble"

Wired reports that the firing of James Comey overshadowed an ominous turn of events for demographics geeks like us:  The director of the US Census Bureau, John H. Thompson, resigned the same day, leaving the department leaderless as we barrel towards the 2020 Census:


“The Census is on a relentless calendar, and there’s much, much work to do over the next three years,” says Kenneth Prewitt, who ran the Census Bureau from 1998 to 2001" [...]    That’s a problem, because the decennial Census does more than count heads to allocate congressional seats. It provides a vital source of quality, public data on where and how people live.

It’s a vital benchmark for government:

  • How many people need a frequent bus route in this neighborhood?
  • Does that town need a new road?)

and the private sector

  • Does this village have enough people to support a ridehail app?
  • How about another ice cream shop?