Bleakly President Participates in Prestigious Panel


Bleakly Advisory Group president Geoff Koski recently returned from serving on a week-long ULI Advisory Services Panel in Hancock County, Indiana. The panel, which was tasked with assessing potential real estate and economic development opportunities along the Mt. Comfort Corridor just east of Indianapolis, included land-use and economic development experts from across the country.

According to ULI, these panels bring together the best and brightest from ULI’s diverse membership — developers, planners, financiers, market analysts, economists, architects, designers, and public officials — to provide practical solutions and objective advice not available from any other source.

Through this program, ULI members, such as Koski, integrate into communities dealing with a wide array of real estate and land use challenges to provide unbiased, expert advice and specific recommendations for improvement. Members link together with local leaders to draft a plan to revive, rethink, and restore communities around the globe to ultimately enact change and improve the lives of the people who live there.

The goal of the Indiana effort was to help chart a path for a well-developed Mt. Comfort corridor that will achieve several goals:

  • Generate consistent quality job growth over the next several decades

  • Grow an agbioscience industry cluster that leverages Hancock County’s farming legacy

  • Provide a growing tax base that will diversify local government revenue streams and help to control tax rates for residents and small businesses

  • Connect residents with jobs and businesses to enhance the quality of life for all Hancock County households

  • Reduce the development pressures elsewhere in Hancock County by creating planned growth districts along and adjacent to the Mt. Comfort Corridor.

    Additional details on the results of the ULI Advisory Services Panel in Hancock County, IN, in which Geoff Koski was the market analyst, can be found here.

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