Troup Communities Call on Bleakly for County-wide Housing Study

When the Troup County Center for Strategic Planning, the City of LaGrange, the City of Hogansville, and the City of West Point desired to create and launch a locally-based plan to meet their housing needs, they relied upon Bleakly Advisory Group to help complete the tall task.

As detailed in a recent article in the LaGrange Daily News, the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) helped to initiate the Bleakly study of the local housing market, which included a supply and demand analysis and and strategy development.

“A large portion . . . revolved around the reasons why people who work in Troup County and live elsewhere choose to live outside the county. Some of the reasons cited in the results included quality of schools, taxes, public safety, and housing costs. However, housing variety was singled out as a significant area of focus. . .”

In addition to a deep dive into the data on the local housing market, the results were also based on a survey that asked residents and people who work in the county to assess current housing supply and future housing needs.” 

housing-market-analysis-executive-summary-bleakly-advisory-group 1.jpg