Los Angeles County Fairplex, Pomona, CA – Advisory Service Panel

I had the pleasure and honor of participating on an Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Panel in California last month. The subject site was the 487-acre Fairplex, best known as the home of the Los Angeles County Fair. Urban Land Institute was invited to re-imagine this site’s potential as an economic engine and year-round destination and to identify opportunities for:

  • Improving land use, sustainability and utilization of existing assets

  • Creating economic impact

  • Improving the flow of visitors from future mass transit resources and within the Fairplex complex

  • Enhancing programming and visitor experience with new landscaping and experiential opportunities

  • Generating additional revenue

  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships with community businesses and organizations

  • Connecting with and engaging the local community.

We had a great group of professionals on the panel, and I enjoyed working with the Fairplex’s management and operations teams.

A summary of the recommendations and the presentation can be found here.